The initiator of the TrumpCoin development would rather remain anonymous. He has the user name „Chicken65“, according to his own statement a Scottish music producer from around 40 years. He’s not just a fan of Donald Trump, he says that he doesn’t agree with everyone what the president says about himself. Like many others in the world of crypto currencies, however, he is a friend of free markets and against state regulations. He is most likely to belong to the libertarian spectrum. The decentralized blockchains correspond to his ideals. This is also the case with Trump, who for him is currently the best representative of these liberal values. That’s why he chose the president to decorate the crypto currencies. Meanwhile, a small team has come together to work on the development. It should be noted that neither Trump himself nor anyone in the government has recognized Trump/Coin as some kind of official crypto currency. That was also never the goal of Chicken65.

TrumpCoin – advantages and disadvantages

So far, the political statement of the crypto currency has not only brought advantages to the developer. He has already become a victim of DDoS attacks. Some could give the crypto currency a bad prognosis, simply because of their own political sensitivities and some traders basically refuse to buy. On the other hand, the „MAGA“ effect should not be underestimated and the potential behind the president’s supporters. Whether or not these people really belong to the technically affinity group is, however, a legitimate question.

It may seem particularly questionable what to do with the Trump / Coin crypto currency, since he has become president. Is the coin still really up to date, has it not already fulfilled its purpose? The developers don’t think that the stock markets also seem to disagree. The price has developed well and is quite stable, the coin itself is still being traded. Despite everything, the coin is simply a solid crypto currency that does a few things better than Bitcoin, especially in terms of scalability and speed.

TrumpCoin – Course – Development – Forecast

TrumpCoin went public on 1 March 2016 and at that time was still trading below 1 cent per coin. Many crypto currencies began with such low values. In April, the TrumpCoin price gained momentum, the Altcoin cost 1 cent for the first time, 4 cents for a short time and only 1 cent again in May. In the summer months it was well ordered around the rate of the crypto currency, at the beginning of July a coin cost 10 cent for a short time, afterwards the rate remained around 4 cent per coin. The situation was similar in November, with only December 2016 when the coin was quoted at around 5 cents.

When Trump was finally inaugurated in January 2017, this also had a direct effect on the price of the crypto currency. The coin reached up to 50 cents. Towards the end of the month the price calmed down again, in February the coin lost further value, but was still trading much better than in the previous year. In April and May, the price fluctuated between 7 and 5 cents. In the summer months, the crypto currency price remained at around 5 cents per coin, an improvement on the previous year’s levels.

December 2017 was a good month for many crypto currencies and did not have much impact on the Trump Coin price. The price rose to an average of 7 cents and was able to jump over 10 cents for a short time. In January 2018, however, this coin also seemed to be affected by the general hype, the price rose steeply and reached up to 70 cents per coin. The price then fell again and the stock markets calmed down.